Taimanin Yukikaze Episode 1


he near future, Japan, where the presence of darkness, the envy, is revered. The implicit rule of “do not interfere with each other”, which has been protected since ancient times among human beings, has started to show pleasure after people have fled to the outskirts, the dark organization of criminal organizations and companies that have been committed to human beings, and the age to chaos It was despised. However, people who walk the right path are not powerless. The government of the day organized a group of “Sinnozu’s” that can compete with “devil” in their own bodies, and resisted the evil of the human devil. People call them “anti-manshin” — a young anti-manshin Yukikaze is missing along with his senior-man Shinobu Makoto while the battle with the demonic power continues, Yukikaze’s mother , I volunteer for the dangerous mission of anti-Shinobu and Shiranui rescue. Under the difficult situation invading deep in the enemy ground and becoming a prostitute and having to infiltrate in a difficult situation, the intention of the cold wind which wants to save the mother firmly starts the invading rescue task with Reiko! Two virgins who are still virgins try to dedicate virginity to Tatsuro, who is Yukikaze’s hood friend and Yuko’s younger brother, but in hopes that he will leave for the mission without hesitation …!

Date: March 26, 2022